We are passionate about taking care of your pets

We established Kennel with our crew who are really passionate about dogs and pets. We always enjoyed being with dogs from childhood days. We loved them and We cared for them. Then later on We founded Kennel to give them much care as they really deserve hence our Kennel undoubtedly gives the best care for your pets. We have many variety of Dog breeds such as German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Great Dane, St.Bernard etc. We treat them carefully and we make them happy and satisfied with our services.

We provide services like Spa Paw,Paw grooming,Paw training where you have your dogs groomed and trained with best trainers. And we offer different packages for Paw training from basic training to expert training. In expert training your pets get trained by experts so that they get trained with ease. We are available at any time to Spa paw service and Basic paw training  but for other services you need to book your appointment.


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